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We are encouraged by the positive feedback we receive from the many organisations we are privileged to support. It demonstrates how our programme of small grants can make a major difference and achieve lasting impact. 

Thank you for your support. It means a great deal to a small creative provision that serves a growing number of vulnerable young people struggling with social, emotional and mental health issues. 
The Anstee Bridge Team

The grant is a wonderful boost for both the staff and Trustees. The Trust runs on a shoestring and this funding could not have come at a more propitious time.
Hugh Belsey, Emery Walker Trust

Thank you for your gift which has helped us continue our core mission of education and lifelong learning throughout lockdown. Our new Virtual Classroom programmes engaged audiences across the world and also across cultures and faiths.
Frances Jeens, Jewish Museum

Your support enables our team to continue their work with vulnerable youngsters with chronic kidney conditions. I pass on a heartfelt thank you.
Charlotte Otter, Southampton Hospitals Charity

It is support such as yours which enables us to care for more than 750 children with terminal or serious conditions every year.
Alexandra Fitzgerald, Demelza Hospice Care for Children

Thank you for your support of the Venetian Views (Vedute) Research and Conservation Project. The initial results are wonderful to see.
James Smith, The Wallace Collection

Your generous donation will help to ensure that we can continue key conservation work and digitise more of our Collection.
Ciaran Biggins, Gunnersbury Park and Museum

We were extremely grateful, and encouraged, to receive your response to news that Beckford’s Tower was at risk. Every penny of your donation will be applied to our restoration work.
Caroline Kay, Beckford Tower Trust

A sincere thank you for your donation which will support art therapy projects for children with chronic, long-term conditions throughout the UK.
Louise Downing, Teapot Trust

Thank you for sponsoring a prize in the Designer Bookbinders UK competition. I was delighted to win it. It has encouraged me to do more and experiment.
Laura Jamieson

Your support makes a huge difference to what we can do on behalf of the more than 3,300 public museums and galleries and 50,000 artists on our platform.
Andrew Ellis, Director, Art UK